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Attorney Robert McKenna shares his insights on the hybrid workplace

The pandemic forced employers to introduce strategies into the workplace never before seen. Leaders like Robert L. McKenna III had to implement changes to help businesses thrive during the pandemic and in the aftermath. One of the most critical changes to business operations was the introduction of a hybrid work schedule.

As a founding partner of the California-based Kjar, McKenna, & Stockalper, Robert McKenna felt an early responsibility to keep his employees safe as word of the pandemic began to spread in 2020. Having connections in the biomedical field alerted him to the seriousness of the coronavirus early on. McKenna began to plan for the potential of office closures before shutdowns were mandated nationwide. Before closing the office, McKenna had strategies in mind to continue operations during the pandemic by having staff perform most duties offsite. Having a cloud-based business model already in place helped streamline the hybrid office process for McKenna’s law office. The preparation by McKenna and his team ahead of time reduced employee turnover while competitors began to lose staff in droves.

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